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[Phone Post]

You've reached my cell phone. I'm either busy or unable to answer. Please leave a message, I'll get back to you.

Nov. 17th, 2010

I'm sorry for the delay in updating. My course studies, winterizing the barn, and my internship were higher priorities. Missy's kittens, while a handful, are growing on us. Missy's become an indoor cat while we keep the kittens in a warmer spot, and I think she's going to stay that way. She's taken to napping on my lap while I'm studying, and while I didn't care much before for cats, she's pretty cute when she does that.

Old Man and Señorita are doing well. Now that it's colder, they've taken to spending more of their days in the barn, but John doesn't mind the cold and has taken to roaming as far away from the barn as possible. I never thought I would be rounding up a belligerent buffalo, but I've had to do it a few times. He belongs in a real herd, but he keeps getting better (and bigger), and he still has all of his instincts. And since the zoo doesn't have enough grazing land for an American Bison, they've authorized the use of McGregor's land for his habitat. He may be here until he can stand behind transported without using heavy tranquilizers and a crane.

I've got to get one thing off my chest. I've just got to.
I'm homesick. I miss being home. The letters that mom sends me aren't helping. I've never been this far away from home before for the holidays, and I can't return home any time soon. I miss Radiant Garden, and I miss the farm.

Oct. 10th, 2010

I'm sorry for the delay in updating, but between everything that has been going on, I haven't been able to.

Missy had her kittens, and it's going to be her last litter. There's Gentleman, Lady, Bird, Cat, and one that we just haven't found a name for yet. They haven't opened their eyes yet, but they are developing well and are very healthy. In two months or so they'll be large enough to adopt

My coursework has been normal. It's increasing in difficulty and frequency, but it's not overwhelming. I still have time to do everything I have to on the farm and get my homework done.

Our pumpkin crop, while small, is coming along very well. If you'd like one, you can come pick your own. I also have some apple butter, and the cider is coming along well. It will be ready in time for Christmas.

While I was in the forest picking the apples (and thank you, Fran), I noticed something strange. Does anyone live in that abandoned mansion? I hope I wasn't trespassing. They mentioned some odd things...is there a Namine in Twilight Town?
I just finished day two of my internship, and I'm hoping that this finishes real quick-like. Instead of front desk work and some basic lab work, I've been shunted to heavy animal lifter, item-off-tall-shelf-grabber, lab work that I'm technically not qualified to do, and in some instances, chew toy. It's the little dogs that hurt the most, I've found, and my arm looks like I ran it along a barb-wire fence. People, if your pet has a tendency to bite, please muzzle them when you take them to the vet. It's not adorable, it hurts, and we will say derisive things about you and your pet when you bring them in. My arm will be fine, but there's going to be some scarring when it finishes.

To top that off, I found myself in a situation I didn't want to be on Friday night. McGregor took me to his regular bar because I "shouldn't be readin' books in foreign languages and studyin' [my] brain off" on Fridays. I had two, and that was it, but another one of the regulars had a bet with his friends that he could knock me out with one punch. Two or three didn't do the job, so I picked him up and forcibly set him outside the bar. His friends didn't care for that too much, but thankfully there was not a lot of damage to the place, the cops weren't called, and McGregor and I walked out in one piece. Needless to say, they're not welcome there any more, and I've found my favorite bar.

In better, non-violent news, I helped McGregor clean out his basement, and I found out that McGregor and I have something in common: we both make hard cider. He's got all of the pieces we'd need for a small production, once we clean all of it. We'd both certainly appreciate it if I could be pointed towards the direction of some wild apple trees, since McGregor swears the ones they have at the store don't create a good taste. There's a few apple trees on our land, but I'll trade some of the finished product for knowledge of other trees in the area.

Aug. 16th, 2010

Things have been slowly winding down here at McGregor's. We've had some small tasks to do before my school starts, simply because I can't work the farm all day, go to school, do that small internship, and still expect to get some sleep in. John's been mostly weaned now, too, because I can't leave in the middle of a four-hour class and go feed him. He's taking it well, but he probably won't be under my care much longer. Once he gets a little bit older, he'll be transported to the herd they found for him.

I'm not looking forward to that at all.

School looks like it'll go well, I have all my books and McGregor's letting me borrow his truck so I can get into town. He says he'll be fine, but I don't quite feel right taking his only mode of transportation. If anyone has an old car or truck they're looking to sell, I just might take you up on that.

The internship looks like it'll be all right. It's not an official internship, I won't be able to do that for another four years. It'll mostly be paperwork, heavy lifting, and doing some of the basic check-up routine. I won't get paid for it, but it'll be worth the experience, and it's a foot in the door. If you have to stop in at the vet's on Sundays, it'll be me behind the counter.

Jul. 21st, 2010

I'm sorry for the delay in updating this, I've been pretty busy lately. Through what was a long, harrowing, and stressful event, I've found myself the primary caretaker for an American bison calf. He needs a better name, though, the zoo is calling him "Spirit." I don't care for that too much myself.

Twilight Town customs officials found him and his mother in the hull of a ship. They still don't know what they were doing there, but the suspicion is poachers or thieves. They were both in horrible condition, and were rushed to the zoo. I, in turn, was called in by the veterinary service they have there, because apparently no one else in this town has experience with anything bovine. The mother was in bad shape, and despite our best efforts, she didn't last through the night. He's not even old enough to be weaned, so I'm bottle-feeding him until further notice. He's a demanding little thing, and his schedule is eating into my sleep something fierce.
The zoo is trying to secure a foster mother for him in a herd somewhere. As cute as he is, he's not going to stay this small and adorable. I've got to take him in for another check-up and scrape the infection out of his hoof tomorrow, but I'm guessing I'll have him for another week or two,  if not more.

I'm saddened to hear that Rikku had to leave so abruptly like that. I don't even know why she did, or what it was that's so important...

Has anyone seen a rooster? Chanticleer went missing a while ago, and while I know the chance of him being dead is pretty high, McGregor and I would gladly appreciate him back. Our hens just haven't been laying like they should without him around.

Jun. 27th, 2010

Well, I've been here for nearly a month now, and Twilight Town isn't all that bad. It's, well, almost quaint here, what little I've seen of it. I still haven't been to the shoreline, but I've been too busy to do so yet. The architects and civil engineers certainly did a fine job, as most of downtown is really very appealing.

As some of you might know, Rikku's in the hospital, and I've been visiting her every day that I can. McGregor lightened my load a little so I could visit her more, and I do appreciate that an awful lot. She'd also appreciate some company other than myself and her "gran and gramps", so please stop on by if you can.

There was a tragic loss here on the farm, and I'm glad to say that we have a surplus of very good pork, bacon, and ham, and we're willing to sell some of it. We now have Nanny, too, so if anyone wants fresh goat milk, we can also sell that.


Dean Mouse said I should use this journal system to acquaint myself to the students that will be attending classes with me. The men from the phone company and the ISP just came and fixed the phone lines, and it's very different to have the internet as a convenience, I've got to say. I figure I won't have much time to use it, there's things that have to be done every day, and more can and will crop up.

My name's Lexaeus Aarden. I come from Radiant Garden, and I'm here to work towards my doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. I'll be working this summer earning my keep at a local farm on the northern side of town, and I'm kept very busy here. I won't be in town much, unless McGregor lends me his truck.


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